Capture the moments before they are gone

Your family is growing and changing every day. Capture those special moments now before it is too late. Each family session custom designed to fit the style and personality of your family.


Family Session

on location, posed or candid, it is so important to document your children before these milestones are gone forever. Trust your memories to a certified professional and know that you won't have to worry about technical issues or where to print. It will all be taken care of. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy your new custom artwork.


Extended Family Session

It is rare to have everyone in the same place at the same time. We can help you capture those rare occasions and will make sure everyone is comfortable and has fun! We have everything in place to help create an extended family portrait session to meet all the needs of your multigenerational crowd.  


Family Lifestyle Session

My favorite portrait sessions are capturing family interaction and play at your own home or favorite family spot.  The Family Lifestlye Session is a collaboration between my ideas and those that hold special meaning to you. I send you a questionnaire and together we create your dream session. Do you love to go get ice cream as a family?  Love to make pancakes together on Saturday mornings? Have a favorite game you play in your yard? I am a “fly on the wall” capturing your family as they are, in a photo journalistic way, not posed.  I want you to walk away from this session with a documentation of a slice of your life.


Sunset Silhouette Session

Sunset silhouette sessions are a client favorite! The best part about makeup or dressing up! Come as you are in semi-fitted clothing and that's that! 

These photos make for an beautiful piece of art to show off in your home or office!


Family Session FAQ

How many people can I bring to my session?

You are welcome to bring as many family members as you like! The more, the merrier. We have worked with families as small as a boy and his dog, all the way up to extended family with 15 people! All we ask is that you tell us ahead of time how many plan on coming.

Can I bring my pets?

Yes! We all think our dog is the best animal that ever lived, and maybe your fido really is the best, but regardless, there will be times throughout the session where we will need to take images of you or your family members without the dog, so we ask that if you plan to incorporate your pet in your session, that you also bring an extra human friend to handle Lassie during the other parts of the session. Once again, please just provide us with a "heads up" if you plan to bring a pet.

Should we plan wardrobe?

Each family portrait session experience starts with an in-person design consultation where we will plan out the location, wardrobe and style. However, plan to simplify, simplify, simplify. The more complicated your wardrobe is, the more it will distract from your faces, so when in doubt, avoid screen printing, logos, loud patterns and very bright colors.

How long is the turnaround?

Your ordering appointment will be scheduled within a 2 week window of your sitting. Depending on what you choose, your custom artwork will be ready within 2-3 weeks from your ordering appointment. Please allow extra time if you request in-depth retouching. If you need your images rushed, please be sure to communicate your needs ahead of time so that we can best serve your needs!