3 Reasons to Consider an In-Home Lifestyle Session

I'm so excited to share this blog post with y'all! I absolutley LOVE looking though old family photos and can't wait for you to see some of my favorites!

Document REAL moments


I was visiting my parents in Michigan last summer with my 3 month old baby (now 10 months..cue the tears!) and I stumbled upon a big box of photos. We go through these photos at LEAST once a year, if not more and pull out photos to display in our homes. As I looked through the box I realized the photos that made me smile were not the ones taken in a studio where we were all posed looking at the camera, but the ones that captured REAL moments. I don’t remember sitting in a studio with a photographer trying to get me to smile. What I DO remember is the time my grandpa taught me how to “snore like a real fireman”. Those are the pictures that make me smile. They are not posed at all. They are true, real moments from my childhood that I will never get back. Thankfully I have photos to remind me of those moments with my family and how much fun we had together growing up.


Saves you from the awkward poses

Every time I tell my husband that it is time to get professional photos taken I get the same reaction...an eye roll. Not because he doesn’t want the photos, but because he feels awkward posing in front of a camera. Now, a good photographer SHOULD be able to put you at ease during a normal posed session so that you DO feel comfortable...however there is just something that makes people nervous when it comes to posing. In-home lifestyle session takes all of that stress away. If your hubby or significant other is not on board for family photos maybe an in-home lifestyle session is the way to go!



Genuine smiles

During an in-home lifestyle session you go about your day as you would if I were not there. Do you love to get ice cream as a family?  Love to make pancakes together on Saturday mornings? Have a favorite game you play in your yard? I am a “fly on the wall” capturing your family as they are, in a photo journalistic way, not posed. These sessions always produce the most genuine smiles and laughs just from doing what you normally do every day (especially if you break out the ice cream or a favorite game for the kids!).