Preparing for a Newborn Lifestyle Session

I love newborn lifestyle sessions because it truly captures the first few days at home with your newest family member. I rarely (if ever) have to tell parents to smile or look lovingly at their child. It just comes naturally which fills the photos with emotion!


Newborn sessions are best shot when the baby is no older than 2 weeks. Make sure your photographer has your due date and is ready when that baby comes!

There are a few things to think about as you book your newborn session. I’d recommend going over this list BEFORE baby arrives. Once baby is here you won’t want to think twice about these tips!


Decide who you want in the pictures.

If you are doing a newborn lifestyle session you have so many options. Most of my clients like to included mom, dad and any siblings and sometimes their pets! Make sure to let your photographer know who you want included in the shots.

What do you want to do with your photos?

Are you getting photos taken to post on social media or are you getting them taken to display somewhere in your home? Check with your photographer to see if they offer an ordering appointment. During an ordering appointment your photographer should be able to show you what certain photos will look like on your wall and also help you design a wall gallery!

Pick out an outfit!

Make sure to have your outfit, daddy’s outfit and baby’s outfit planned before you give birth! I know this sounds silly but the last thing you will want to do when you get home with your new baby is try to plan outfits. Many of my clients just go with a nice robe (with a nursing bra and yoga pants underneath!) for lifestyle shoots which totally works! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy.


Do you have anything special that you want included in your photos? A quilt that grandma knit for you? A family heirloom? A sign with baby’s name? Make sure to let your photographer know about accessories that you would like included in the session!

Other tips:

Try to feed baby right before your session

Try to keep baby awake an hour or so before the session

Keep calm and quiet during your session

Don’t have your a/c on full blast. Babies like it warm!