Traveling Advice for the New Mom


Doesn’t that blog title just make you want to jump with joy?! If you are reading this it means that you are probably going to be traveling with a baby or toddler soon. To that I say...good luck!

My parents live in Michigan May-October and then they come down to Texas November-May. Pretty smart huh!? We go visit them each summer to escape the Texas heat for a while so I’ve now had two trips with my son to Michigan. Let me tell you what I’ve learned….traveling with a 3 month old is MUCH easier than traveling with a 1 year old!

But I am here to give you some tips on traveling so here we go!

Bring snacks!

Besides the fact that airport food is so expensive, your little one might want something to eat that isn't at the airport. Pack his or her favorite snacks for the trip. Check out the TSA rules on foods here. Most airports I've been to do make you take baby/toddler snacks out and put them in a bin to go through security so make sure not to pack them on the bottom of the diaper bag. 

Bring milk, formula or breastmilk if needed!

You can travel with all of these! I breastfed our little guy on our first trip so that made it easier but our second trip (when we was 1) I brought single containers of Ripple Milk. Our little guy has a dairy allergy but the same goes for normal milk and other milk alternatives! They might swab the package in the security line but you CAN take it with you! TSA policy can be found here.

Late night or early morning flight?

Think about packing pajamas in the diaper bag or letting your little one go to the airport in pajamas. We have had early and late flight and we usually bring pajamas along with us. Our son also has a swaddle that he sleeps in and LOVES so we brought that along too. We knew that he would fall asleep much easier if he had his swaddle. 


We usually buy our son a new toy (small and no batteries!) and keep it hidden until we are on the plane. This keeps him occupied for a while on the plane. We also bring an ipad and play videos that we have downloaded from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. His favorites are Little Baby Bum, Baby Einstein and Mother Goose Club! No mom shame here. If it keeps your kiddo from trying to grab the seat in front of you 100000x then so be it!

Check your car seat at the ticket counter!

If you didn’t buy a ticket for your little one, make sure you check the car seat at the ticket counter. This will save your back (and probably husband) from carrying it through the airport with the diaper bag and stroller (plus your personal items!). Here is the car seat we bought for traveling (it’s only $59!)

Read the rules for your airline!

The first time I flew with my son I just assumed that you could take any stroller to the GATE and check it there….well I was wrong. American Airlines allows strollers UNDER 20 lbs to be checked at the gate (ours was about 21.5) so I got to carry my son for a few hours before our flight.  Needless to say, we will not be flying American again with kids. Check out what your airlines says about strollers, car seats and diaper bags!

American Airlines








Take a deep breath! As much as you prepare for your flight you still might end up with a fussy or crying baby. You might get some nasty looks from people who don't remember or know what it is like to have a baby on a plane but for your sake, ignore those debbie downers! They clearly don't understand empathy! Our son has cried and has been loud on the plane before but it never lasts the entire flight and we do what we can to get him calm. Just remember to breathe! Everything will be ok.

If you made it though labor, the adoption process or anything similar, I promise you can make it through a flight! 


Grab your travel check list HERE!! You can edit it to meet your needs through Google Docs!