Meet the Magee Family

I am always honored when a family signs up for my First Year Package. Signing up for this package means your family gets four sessions throughout the first year and a half of your baby’s life! I love this because I get to work your family and build such an amazing connection and relationship throughout that time!

I was beyond honored with Lindsey and Mike not only signed up for my First Year Package but also a Birth Session. If you know me, you know that Birth Sessions are one of my top three favorite session. There is so much emotion in that day and I get to capture it for my clients.

Location: Old Settlers Association of Williamson County

Location: Old Settlers Association of Williamson County

I always ask my clients some fun questions to get to know them better when they book a birth session.

Meet Lindsey and Mike!

How did you break the news to your partner that you were expecting?

Our girls (4-legged babies) wore dresses, saying they were big sisters. His response was "did you get another dog?" I said no, they are going to be big sisters to 2 legged baby and not 4.

How did you tell your family and friends that you were expecting?

“We high jacked my Niece's 3rd Birthday party, with presents for her and my nephew that has shirts that they were going to be big cousins.”

What are you most looking forward to about the arrival of your baby?

“The whole experience. Its something both Mike and I never thought would happen.”

Maternity Session

They chose to do their maternity session at the Old Settlers Association of Williamson County (right next to Old Settlers Park and Dell Diamond) because that is where they had engagement photos taken. On the property there is a little town set up, a barn with animals and a fire truck museum. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should!

*Side note: professional photographers are NOT allowed on the property on Sundays. They hold a church service and have a sign stating no photo sessions are allowed on Sundays. Please respect their wishes!

The Birth

On September 13th their little guy decided to make a surprise appearance a week early! I am on call for my birth clients two weeks before and two weeks after their due date to make sure I will be there for the birth.

Easton Magee made his entrance via c-section on the 13th at St. Davids North Austin Medical Center (NAMC). I have to brag for a second about the nurses and doctors at NAMC! They knew that Lindsey and Mike wanted the c-section to be photographed and they made it happen! It ultimately is up to the Doctor and the anesthesiologist but the they were both so understanding and since it was not an emergency c-section they allowed me to join.

A lot of people look at me a bit funny when I talk about birth photography. I totally get it. Before I had a child I thought, “Why on earth would I want a complete stranger in the room while I am pushing out a baby?!” Well… after about three cervical checks I didn’t really care who was in the room. The photos in the end were worth every second.

Remember, a birth photographer is a professional just like your OBGYN. We see many different scenarios in our line of work and in the end we are there to make sure that you have pictures of moments that you will never get back.