OH MY GOSH! I love your flash drive!

How many times has a friend walked into your house and said one of the following:

"I LOVE that flash drive in your junk drawer!"

"That is one beautiful folder on on your computer! ...You know... the one that is labeled family photos!"

"Can I see your phone so I can go though all of your saved photos?!"

"Let's take fifteen minutes and go through your Facebook page searching for those family photos you took!"

If I had a dollar for every time someone walked into my house and said something along those lines I'd be...well...not rich that's for sure!


I wrote this post earlier about how my family goes through old photos once a year together. The reason why we can do that is because we had our photos printed! My dad has a huge picture of himself as a baby, my mom kept our family photos where I am wearing a huge (possibly a little floral) dress and those are the photos we love looking at! The PRINTED ones! We can sit together passing them around, reminiscing over the great memories. Passing our phone around just isn't the same, especially when the phone goes off, interrupting your thought and everyone else in the room. 

With how fast technology changes in our world these days it scares me that families will lose those precious photos on their computer, phone or flash drive. What will your kids have to show their kids one day, or their grandkids?

Think back to the first phone or computer you ever owned. When I think about my first computer I remember that big square floppy disk! That is how we saved our work or photos. Do you still have one? If you do you might be out of luck because I am not sure there is a computer that still works that has a floppy disk drive! Who knows when flash drives and CDs will be a thing of the past!

The reason I am telling you all of this is to point out that hiring a photographer who only sends you digital images is really only doing half of their job. The other half is to provide you with beautiful and priceless printed artwork of your family that will last for generations. 


This is exactly why I specialize in helping families design a wall gallery in their home or help them create the most perfect album to display on their coffee table. 

If you are the type of person who likes to show off your family photos in your home then let's chat! 

-Logan Fahey