Why Hire a Birth Photographer?


What if someone told you that you would not remember the first time you held your baby? Or that you wouldn’t remember the look on your husband’s face when he first saw your baby?

Between the pain, excitement, family and friends visiting and nurses/doctors coming in and out of your room, the whole birth experience can become very hazy and hard to recall.


I can’t remember the sound of my son’s first cry. I don’t remember the look on my husbands face when he first saw my son. I don’t have any idea what MY face looked like when I first held my son. Did we both cry, smile, laugh? I can’t remember!

While I was getting cleaned up my son was measured, wiped off and weighed. I missed all of it! After nine months of waiting to meet my son, those first few hours with him are such a blur now.

Little things such as family that was in the room, what I did while laboring, the look in my husband’s eyes as he looked at me, the laughs and cries we shared as we entered the 14th hour of labor….I don’t have photos that captured any of those moments and soon those mental memories will begin to fade.


My husband and I will occasionally talk about my son’s birth to keep the memories fresh in our mind but I wish I could go back and hire a birth photographer so we had photos to look back at. 

As a first time mom I was so worried about everything for my son and I forgot about ME and my needs and wants. If I had taken a second to slow down and think about what I wanted, I would have thought to hire a birth photographer to document one of the biggest days of our life.