How to Take the Perfect Bluebonnet Photo

I moved to Texas in 2014 with my husband who grew up in Round Rock. Although I was a little hesitant to leave Ohio (I grew up there and let’s be real...I LOVE snow!) I went along with it! It was a big change but I was ready for a new adventure and so was my husband. During my first year in Texas, I learned a LOT of new how ants bite and how it is normal to wear cowboy boots year round. In the spring I learned about something else….BLUEBONNETS!

If you live in Texas or have visited in the Spring, you may know that the bluebonnets create an amazing blue/purple blanket over the countryside. It is truly a breathtaking view! You will see families in fields, on the sides of roads (which I do not recommend!), gathered in tight to get the perfect photo surrounded by bluebonnets.

Whether you have missed your chance to hire a photographer or just want to take the photos yourself, I’ve got some tips for you!



Wear shoes or long pants

The grass can make your legs itch and if you are in an area that doesn’t have much foot traffic you might run into fire ant piles or even snakes. Make sure to wear close toed shoes and pants to keep your feet and legs from getting irritated. You can always bring shoes to change into once you’ve reached the photo spot!



Don’t face the sun!

I see so many families taking bluebonnet pictures while the sun is still bright and high in the sky. You will get the best photos if you put your back to the sun! This prevents your subject from squinting in the photo and reduces the harsh light on their face.




Wear simple colors.

Try to wear simple colors that will go well with the color of the bluebonnets. White is a big go to for most of my families and it always looks great in photos! Light blues and other pastel colors also work very well.





Bring props!

Does your child have a certain stuffed animal or toy that they are attached to? Bringing a personal item will make the photos more special to you! When you look back you won’t just see a photo in flowers but you will remember that special item and how much your child loved it! Cowboys hats, necklaces, an old rocking chair or teepee are also great options!