Meet the Magee Family

I am always honored when a family signs up for my First Year Package. Signing up for this package means your family gets four sessions throughout the first year and a half of your baby’s life! I love this because I get to work your family and build such an amazing connection and relationship throughout that time!

I was beyond honored with Lindsey and Mike not only signed up for my First Year Package but also a Birth Session. If you know me, you know that Birth Sessions are one of my top three favorite session. There is so much emotion in that day and I get to capture it for my clients.

Location: Old Settlers Association of Williamson County

Location: Old Settlers Association of Williamson County

I always ask my clients some fun questions to get to know them better when they book a birth session.

Meet Lindsey and Mike!

How did you break the news to your partner that you were expecting?

Our girls (4-legged babies) wore dresses, saying they were big sisters. His response was "did you get another dog?" I said no, they are going to be big sisters to 2 legged baby and not 4.

How did you tell your family and friends that you were expecting?

“We high jacked my Niece's 3rd Birthday party, with presents for her and my nephew that has shirts that they were going to be big cousins.”

What are you most looking forward to about the arrival of your baby?

“The whole experience. Its something both Mike and I never thought would happen.”

Maternity Session

They chose to do their maternity session at the Old Settlers Association of Williamson County (right next to Old Settlers Park and Dell Diamond) because that is where they had engagement photos taken. On the property there is a little town set up, a barn with animals and a fire truck museum. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should!

*Side note: professional photographers are NOT allowed on the property on Sundays. They hold a church service and have a sign stating no photo sessions are allowed on Sundays. Please respect their wishes!

The Birth

On September 13th their little guy decided to make a surprise appearance a week early! I am on call for my birth clients two weeks before and two weeks after their due date to make sure I will be there for the birth.

Easton Magee made his entrance via c-section on the 13th at St. Davids North Austin Medical Center (NAMC). I have to brag for a second about the nurses and doctors at NAMC! They knew that Lindsey and Mike wanted the c-section to be photographed and they made it happen! It ultimately is up to the Doctor and the anesthesiologist but the they were both so understanding and since it was not an emergency c-section they allowed me to join.

A lot of people look at me a bit funny when I talk about birth photography. I totally get it. Before I had a child I thought, “Why on earth would I want a complete stranger in the room while I am pushing out a baby?!” Well… after about three cervical checks I didn’t really care who was in the room. The photos in the end were worth every second.

Remember, a birth photographer is a professional just like your OBGYN. We see many different scenarios in our line of work and in the end we are there to make sure that you have pictures of moments that you will never get back.

Traveling Advice for the New Mom


Doesn’t that blog title just make you want to jump with joy?! If you are reading this it means that you are probably going to be traveling with a baby or toddler soon. To that I say...good luck!

My parents live in Michigan May-October and then they come down to Texas November-May. Pretty smart huh!? We go visit them each summer to escape the Texas heat for a while so I’ve now had two trips with my son to Michigan. Let me tell you what I’ve learned….traveling with a 3 month old is MUCH easier than traveling with a 1 year old!

But I am here to give you some tips on traveling so here we go!

Bring snacks!

Besides the fact that airport food is so expensive, your little one might want something to eat that isn't at the airport. Pack his or her favorite snacks for the trip. Check out the TSA rules on foods here. Most airports I've been to do make you take baby/toddler snacks out and put them in a bin to go through security so make sure not to pack them on the bottom of the diaper bag. 

Bring milk, formula or breastmilk if needed!

You can travel with all of these! I breastfed our little guy on our first trip so that made it easier but our second trip (when we was 1) I brought single containers of Ripple Milk. Our little guy has a dairy allergy but the same goes for normal milk and other milk alternatives! They might swab the package in the security line but you CAN take it with you! TSA policy can be found here.

Late night or early morning flight?

Think about packing pajamas in the diaper bag or letting your little one go to the airport in pajamas. We have had early and late flight and we usually bring pajamas along with us. Our son also has a swaddle that he sleeps in and LOVES so we brought that along too. We knew that he would fall asleep much easier if he had his swaddle. 


We usually buy our son a new toy (small and no batteries!) and keep it hidden until we are on the plane. This keeps him occupied for a while on the plane. We also bring an ipad and play videos that we have downloaded from Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. His favorites are Little Baby Bum, Baby Einstein and Mother Goose Club! No mom shame here. If it keeps your kiddo from trying to grab the seat in front of you 100000x then so be it!

Check your car seat at the ticket counter!

If you didn’t buy a ticket for your little one, make sure you check the car seat at the ticket counter. This will save your back (and probably husband) from carrying it through the airport with the diaper bag and stroller (plus your personal items!). Here is the car seat we bought for traveling (it’s only $59!)

Read the rules for your airline!

The first time I flew with my son I just assumed that you could take any stroller to the GATE and check it there….well I was wrong. American Airlines allows strollers UNDER 20 lbs to be checked at the gate (ours was about 21.5) so I got to carry my son for a few hours before our flight.  Needless to say, we will not be flying American again with kids. Check out what your airlines says about strollers, car seats and diaper bags!

American Airlines








Take a deep breath! As much as you prepare for your flight you still might end up with a fussy or crying baby. You might get some nasty looks from people who don't remember or know what it is like to have a baby on a plane but for your sake, ignore those debbie downers! They clearly don't understand empathy! Our son has cried and has been loud on the plane before but it never lasts the entire flight and we do what we can to get him calm. Just remember to breathe! Everything will be ok.

If you made it though labor, the adoption process or anything similar, I promise you can make it through a flight! 


Grab your travel check list HERE!! You can edit it to meet your needs through Google Docs!


Preparing for a Newborn Lifestyle Session

I love newborn lifestyle sessions because it truly captures the first few days at home with your newest family member. I rarely (if ever) have to tell parents to smile or look lovingly at their child. It just comes naturally which fills the photos with emotion!


Newborn sessions are best shot when the baby is no older than 2 weeks. Make sure your photographer has your due date and is ready when that baby comes!

There are a few things to think about as you book your newborn session. I’d recommend going over this list BEFORE baby arrives. Once baby is here you won’t want to think twice about these tips!


Decide who you want in the pictures.

If you are doing a newborn lifestyle session you have so many options. Most of my clients like to included mom, dad and any siblings and sometimes their pets! Make sure to let your photographer know who you want included in the shots.

What do you want to do with your photos?

Are you getting photos taken to post on social media or are you getting them taken to display somewhere in your home? Check with your photographer to see if they offer an ordering appointment. During an ordering appointment your photographer should be able to show you what certain photos will look like on your wall and also help you design a wall gallery!

Pick out an outfit!

Make sure to have your outfit, daddy’s outfit and baby’s outfit planned before you give birth! I know this sounds silly but the last thing you will want to do when you get home with your new baby is try to plan outfits. Many of my clients just go with a nice robe (with a nursing bra and yoga pants underneath!) for lifestyle shoots which totally works! It doesn’t need to be anything fancy.


Do you have anything special that you want included in your photos? A quilt that grandma knit for you? A family heirloom? A sign with baby’s name? Make sure to let your photographer know about accessories that you would like included in the session!

Other tips:

Try to feed baby right before your session

Try to keep baby awake an hour or so before the session

Keep calm and quiet during your session

Don’t have your a/c on full blast. Babies like it warm!


The Side of Breastfeeding No One Tells You About

It’s the end of August which means National Breastfeeding Awareness Month is coming to an end. To wrap up the month I wanted to get a little personal and share my story with you.

At the bottom I have some tips and things I wish I had known to share with you!

When I was pregnant with my son I always envisioned breastfeeding as being this beautiful, natural thing that should just come easy. I was adopted so my mom didn’t breastfeed and my mother in law didn’t either. After talking to my grandma she shared with me that she got the flu when my mom was young and she stopped breastfeeding as well (although it is perfectly ok to breastfeed while you are sick...they just didn’t know that back then).

So as you can see, the women in my life didn’t have much to tell me about what to expect in terms of breastfeeding. I just went by all these beautiful pictures on websites, facebook and instagram that made breastfeeding look so easy and natural. I was beyond excited for that special bonding time with my son once he arrived.

Well my due date, May 21st 2017, came around and my son decided to stay put. He finally showed up on May 31st (after a very miserable 10 days) and it was go time! I was ready to breastfeed my baby! Well….let me tell you what it was really like. To sum it up, I told my husband that I wanted to go through labor again instead of breastfeed. My nipples were cracked and even bled at times. It hurt to breastfeed and my son wanted to nurse all the time. Those perfect pictures on instagram had lied to me and I felt so lost! The nurse at the hospital gave me a nipple shield right away and I accepted it since I was willing to try anything that would help.

Once we got home my milk came in and that was a whole other experience. Imagine your boobs being filled up with rocks. The feeling doesn’t last more than a day but my gosh it hurt! I immediately started contacting lactation consultants and reached out for help. I just kept thinking ‘There was no way breastfeeding should feel like this.’

I ended up meeting with two lactation consultants. The first one used a device called the SNS (Supplemental Nursing System) and that had me in tears after she left. I would go into more detail but I don’t even know how to explain the device through words! I then reached out to another consultant that helped me get rid of the nipple shield which also cut down on the pain and made breastfeeding a little easier.

Both consultants and my son’s pediatrician checked for lip and tongue ties (another thing no one told me about before giving birth!) and my son was just fine. However our pediatrician did diagnose our son with a dairy allergy and so then I had to cut out dairy. Try telling a new mom to cut ALL dairy out of her diet, along with gluten (since I have celiac disease). It was very hard but I had come so far already and was not about to give up.

After getting through all of that I ended up pumping on top of nursing because I had such a low supply. I ate oatmeal for breakfast every day, drank special teas, made lactation bites, drank a ton of water, took supplements and everything else people recommended to me. I must have gone a little overboard because then had an oversupply! I was able to keep up my oversupply until I got pregnant in March 2018 with our little girl. I was able to donate 1600 oz of breastmilk to my other moms in the area. Although it was quite a rough journey I am so glad I got through it and was able to give back to other moms in need.

I tell you all of these not so fun details not to scare you away from breastfeeding but to tell you what I wish someone had told me. Breastfeeding is NOT easy. It IS beautiful. It might hurt (possibly like hell at times) but it is worth it!

*Now I know that not everyone can breastfeed so when I say it is worth it please know that there are certain circumstances where it may not be worth it. Fed is truly best!


Breastfeeding tips:

If you are in the Austin area, you can see a lactation consultant for FREE through Mom’s Place. You do have to go to them but it is worth it! They are wonderful!

Have a bin on snacks and liquids next to you when you breastfeed. Here is a great post about what to include. The feeling of pure thirst when you breastfeed (especially at the beginning) is no joke!

Know that you can breastfeed in public if you feel comfortable. This is one thing I didn’t think I would do but when your baby needs to eat you’ve gotta feed them (and it doesn’t have to be while sitting on a toilet in a restroom!) You can also grab a nursing cover for some added privacy.

Have your husband attend a breastfeeding class WITH YOU! It helped so much for my husband to understand the benefits of breastfeeding and how it all worked before my son arrived. (Austin Baby Guru has a great breastfeeding class!)

Have something to do while you breastfeed. I ended up spending way to much time on amazon and Facebook while I breastfeed so this time around I got a Kindle Paperwhite E-reader that has a dimming light on it so I can read books while I feed my baby!

Reach out to other mamas to talk about your feelings! Breastfeeding and being a mom in general is rough! It takes a toll on you emotionally and please know that you are not alone! Join a mom Facebook group or reach out to a friend or family member. I am always here to chat as well (even if I don’t know you!)

OH MY GOSH! I love your flash drive!

How many times has a friend walked into your house and said one of the following:

"I LOVE that flash drive in your junk drawer!"

"That is one beautiful folder on on your computer! ...You know... the one that is labeled family photos!"

"Can I see your phone so I can go though all of your saved photos?!"

"Let's take fifteen minutes and go through your Facebook page searching for those family photos you took!"

If I had a dollar for every time someone walked into my house and said something along those lines I'd be...well...not rich that's for sure!


I wrote this post earlier about how my family goes through old photos once a year together. The reason why we can do that is because we had our photos printed! My dad has a huge picture of himself as a baby, my mom kept our family photos where I am wearing a huge (possibly a little floral) dress and those are the photos we love looking at! The PRINTED ones! We can sit together passing them around, reminiscing over the great memories. Passing our phone around just isn't the same, especially when the phone goes off, interrupting your thought and everyone else in the room. 

With how fast technology changes in our world these days it scares me that families will lose those precious photos on their computer, phone or flash drive. What will your kids have to show their kids one day, or their grandkids?

Think back to the first phone or computer you ever owned. When I think about my first computer I remember that big square floppy disk! That is how we saved our work or photos. Do you still have one? If you do you might be out of luck because I am not sure there is a computer that still works that has a floppy disk drive! Who knows when flash drives and CDs will be a thing of the past!

The reason I am telling you all of this is to point out that hiring a photographer who only sends you digital images is really only doing half of their job. The other half is to provide you with beautiful and priceless printed artwork of your family that will last for generations. 


This is exactly why I specialize in helping families design a wall gallery in their home or help them create the most perfect album to display on their coffee table. 

If you are the type of person who likes to show off your family photos in your home then let's chat! 

-Logan Fahey


Why Hire a Birth Photographer?


What if someone told you that you would not remember the first time you held your baby? Or that you wouldn’t remember the look on your husband’s face when he first saw your baby?

Between the pain, excitement, family and friends visiting and nurses/doctors coming in and out of your room, the whole birth experience can become very hazy and hard to recall.


I can’t remember the sound of my son’s first cry. I don’t remember the look on my husbands face when he first saw my son. I don’t have any idea what MY face looked like when I first held my son. Did we both cry, smile, laugh? I can’t remember!

While I was getting cleaned up my son was measured, wiped off and weighed. I missed all of it! After nine months of waiting to meet my son, those first few hours with him are such a blur now.

Little things such as family that was in the room, what I did while laboring, the look in my husband’s eyes as he looked at me, the laughs and cries we shared as we entered the 14th hour of labor….I don’t have photos that captured any of those moments and soon those mental memories will begin to fade.


My husband and I will occasionally talk about my son’s birth to keep the memories fresh in our mind but I wish I could go back and hire a birth photographer so we had photos to look back at. 

As a first time mom I was so worried about everything for my son and I forgot about ME and my needs and wants. If I had taken a second to slow down and think about what I wanted, I would have thought to hire a birth photographer to document one of the biggest days of our life.

How to Take the Perfect Bluebonnet Photo

I moved to Texas in 2014 with my husband who grew up in Round Rock. Although I was a little hesitant to leave Ohio (I grew up there and let’s be real...I LOVE snow!) I went along with it! It was a big change but I was ready for a new adventure and so was my husband. During my first year in Texas, I learned a LOT of new how ants bite and how it is normal to wear cowboy boots year round. In the spring I learned about something else….BLUEBONNETS!

If you live in Texas or have visited in the Spring, you may know that the bluebonnets create an amazing blue/purple blanket over the countryside. It is truly a breathtaking view! You will see families in fields, on the sides of roads (which I do not recommend!), gathered in tight to get the perfect photo surrounded by bluebonnets.

Whether you have missed your chance to hire a photographer or just want to take the photos yourself, I’ve got some tips for you!



Wear shoes or long pants

The grass can make your legs itch and if you are in an area that doesn’t have much foot traffic you might run into fire ant piles or even snakes. Make sure to wear close toed shoes and pants to keep your feet and legs from getting irritated. You can always bring shoes to change into once you’ve reached the photo spot!



Don’t face the sun!

I see so many families taking bluebonnet pictures while the sun is still bright and high in the sky. You will get the best photos if you put your back to the sun! This prevents your subject from squinting in the photo and reduces the harsh light on their face.




Wear simple colors.

Try to wear simple colors that will go well with the color of the bluebonnets. White is a big go to for most of my families and it always looks great in photos! Light blues and other pastel colors also work very well.





Bring props!

Does your child have a certain stuffed animal or toy that they are attached to? Bringing a personal item will make the photos more special to you! When you look back you won’t just see a photo in flowers but you will remember that special item and how much your child loved it! Cowboys hats, necklaces, an old rocking chair or teepee are also great options!


3 Reasons to Consider an In-Home Lifestyle Session

I'm so excited to share this blog post with y'all! I absolutley LOVE looking though old family photos and can't wait for you to see some of my favorites!

Document REAL moments


I was visiting my parents in Michigan last summer with my 3 month old baby (now 10 months..cue the tears!) and I stumbled upon a big box of photos. We go through these photos at LEAST once a year, if not more and pull out photos to display in our homes. As I looked through the box I realized the photos that made me smile were not the ones taken in a studio where we were all posed looking at the camera, but the ones that captured REAL moments. I don’t remember sitting in a studio with a photographer trying to get me to smile. What I DO remember is the time my grandpa taught me how to “snore like a real fireman”. Those are the pictures that make me smile. They are not posed at all. They are true, real moments from my childhood that I will never get back. Thankfully I have photos to remind me of those moments with my family and how much fun we had together growing up.


Saves you from the awkward poses

Every time I tell my husband that it is time to get professional photos taken I get the same eye roll. Not because he doesn’t want the photos, but because he feels awkward posing in front of a camera. Now, a good photographer SHOULD be able to put you at ease during a normal posed session so that you DO feel comfortable...however there is just something that makes people nervous when it comes to posing. In-home lifestyle session takes all of that stress away. If your hubby or significant other is not on board for family photos maybe an in-home lifestyle session is the way to go!



Genuine smiles

During an in-home lifestyle session you go about your day as you would if I were not there. Do you love to get ice cream as a family?  Love to make pancakes together on Saturday mornings? Have a favorite game you play in your yard? I am a “fly on the wall” capturing your family as they are, in a photo journalistic way, not posed. These sessions always produce the most genuine smiles and laughs just from doing what you normally do every day (especially if you break out the ice cream or a favorite game for the kids!).